'You're In My Shot': Guy on Park Bench Owns British Influencer Who's Upset He's Ruining Her Video


This British dude on a park bench absolutely owns a fitness vlogger who's upset that he's sat down in the background of her 'fitness journey livestream. the bench i sit on every day he tells me. he continues to show off his quick wit and deal some devastating burns as the pair continue to argue and fight. while the fitness blogger was using the space first the man has the right to sit on a public bench. He also has the right to refuse to move, although it would be nicer if he did. "I do both video and photography," one person comments. "You can indeed ask nicely, but the matter of fact is you are in a public space, taking up more than ‘your fair share’ of public space. " Filming in public spaces is absolutely allowed, but you cannot be angry when the "public" part becomes a problem. it seems that public filming has become a growing point of contention especially in places like the gym.

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