YouTuber Visits a ‘Forgotten’ Indigenous Tribe and Gets a Warm Welcome


The YouTuber YBS Youngbloods who's real name is Brodie, has posted a video of himself visiting a "forgotten" tribe on the remote islands of Vanuatu, some ways off the coast of Australia in the north east Indian Ocean. The experience is magical, with his trepidation turning to exuberance as the tribe's strong initial greeting transforms into a joyous ceremony. Many commenters remarked how happy all the people look, a world away from the stresses of technology and modern society. While seeing the customs of a remote people is incredible, many viewers are claiming that the video is a set up. finally the tribe is ready to throw brodie a party when he arrives and the children seem quite comfortable around the boat. brodie is initially greeted with a bow and arrow and has not uploaded to youtube or instagram in a week since his video was uploaded to youtube. i can't imagine that the internet is overly reliable out there.

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